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Fasoo Data Radar can discover, classify and protect sensitive data with smart “Pac & Tag” technology in a single automated workflow on file servers, desktops, laptops and connected drives. An agent installed on each device applies policies defined by administrators using the web-based console. Files matching your unique definition of sensitive data can be tagged, encrypted and restricted (Pac) according to policy, without the need for user intervention, or allow users to choose which files to protect.

A unique identifier (Tag) is embedded with each file so it’s never out of your control and provides deep traceability for regulatory audit requirements. Data Radar is linked to a user profile through integration with Active Directory or other LDAP-based directory services.

Categorize and protect sensitive data:
Administrators can use Data Radar to identify and protect sensitive data on network storage locations, desktops and laptops, ensuring persistent data protection and visibility.

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