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Unstructured data is everywhere. Users can create, edit, move, delete files without proper authorization. Sensitive information is often in forms of unstructured data and may be stored in unauthorized and unsecured locations.

In order to enable organizations to gain insight into their unstructured data and enforce appropriate policies, they should first discover its location, volume, context; determine sensitivity level of the data to classify and apply adequate protection.

Fasoo Data Radar enables organizations to have visibility into the location of sensitive data, allowing them to remediate and enable controls. The solution can also allow organizations to understand context around the unstructured data, prioritize and protect it, remain compliant, and avoid data breaches.

  1. Determine the location of unstructured data.
  2. Define sensitivity level of unstructured data.
  3. Restrict file access to unauthorized users.
  4. Trace how unstructured data is used.
  5. Optimize other security solutions.
  6. Eliminate unstructured data risk.
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