Protecting Your Online Accounts

Protecting Your Online AccountsEveryone uses online services to buy things, communicate, work, share information and keep in touch friends and family.  We all need to log into a website or service before we get access and that means using a password.  We all love passwords because they’re easy to use, but we hate them because we have to remember them.

The experts tell us to create something that’s not easy to guess, but it needs to be something you won’t forget either – don’t use “password” as your password.  The best thing is to create something you can easily remember, but add a few upper case letters and symbols into it.  That makes it harder to guess and harder for a hacker to find using a brute force attack.

Here are some examples.

  • Rather than using “spaghetti”, use “$p@ghe!!I”. 
  • Instead of “pistachio”, use P1st@chio”.
  • Don’t use “American Airlines”, use “aM3r1CanA!rl1nes”. 

That last one might be stretching it, but you get the idea.  Watch this great video by PennState University that talks about some of these idea so you can protect your online accounts.



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