Protect Data Exported from EMR/EHR Systems

Protect Data Exported from EHR and EMR SystemsPatient information is secure while inside your health information system, but may be lost, stolen or inadvertently distributed to unauthorized people when you download it into a spreadsheet or PDF.  If you print PHI or other sensitive information from an EMR or EHR system, you can have the same problem.  In a busy clinical setting, it’s easy to misplace paperwork as you try to mange patient health.

Doctors, nurses and administrators store patient notes, discharge documents and other patient information in these systems and they may find their way into the wrong hands when localized or printed.  Even though a lot of health information should remain in the system, documents are uploaded, information is printed and people download sensitive information into documents all the time.

You need to extend the security of your health information systems so that patient information is protected regardless of where it goes and who has it.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM protects patient information as you download it by encrypting the files and applying persistent security policies that protect them regardless of where they are or their format. If someone copies patient files to a USB drive, sends them through email or stores them in a cloud-based file sharing service, they are always protected.  Dynamic security controls allow you to change access immediately, regardless of the location or format of the information.  And this extends to mobile devices, since they are becoming more prevalent in healthcare settings.

Applying dynamic watermarks to printed documents allows you to track who printed the file and when. Extensive logs of all activities provide an audit trail so you can track all user and document activities.  This is critical to meet HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

Here are some advantages of providing a data-centric security approach to your sensitive information:

clip_image001 Encrypt PHI to meet HIPAA and new data protection legislation

clip_image001[1] Secure files downloaded from heath information systems

clip_image001[2] Control who can View, Edit, Print and take a Screen Capture of protected documents

clip_image001[3] Dynamically control who can access the file

clip_image001[4] Trace and control user/file activities in real-time

clip_image001[5] Scan files to identify PHI and apply security policies automatically

Protecting your patient’s information ensures you meet healthcare regulations and ensures patient confidentiality.  Reduce the risk of HIPAA violations and PHI exposure when localizing and printing patient information.

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