GMail, SaaS and Choice

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Yesterday GMail went down for about 1.5 hours.  If you followed this on Twitter, you thought the world had ended.  It was all over CNN, MSNBC and numerous other media outlets.  According to the GMail blog, the outage affected the web interface to GMail, not POP3 or IMAP clients.  People accessing GMail through their iPhones or Blackberrys were also fine.  The outage was because of some routine maintenance that overloaded a few of the routers.  Read More

Sending secure emails

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I spent this week training on Fasoo’s Enterprise Digital Rights Management products.  Each product helps protect documents at rest, in transit and in use.  The last one is the most important since most organizations don’t know what happens to a document once it leaves their four walls.  The class had a great time trying to come up with real world scenarios to test out; we also tried to break things.Read More

Corporations are afraid of social networking

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I have been reading The Cluetrain Manifesto and noticing how relevant this book is almost 10 years after its publication.  The book and the manifesto itself address how business is changing in the Internet age.  Back in the dark ages, before computers and mass media, commerce was done through conversations between people.  The village bazaar with its hustle and bustle is where people met, talked, gossiped, spread news and generally got things done.  It was chaotic and informal. It was human.  You can see the same thing at a county fair or a garage sale.  It’s informal and its also fun.Read More

Is your ACL safe?

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The demand for safe information sharing has increased dramatically, as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications are being deployed by companies of all sizes.

ECM applications simplify the management of an organization’s unstructured information (data not in a database).  ECM applications help accelerate business performance by providing easier access to an organization’s core information assets.

The circulation of documents through ECM applications results in an increased risk of information leakage. The need to secure information sharing on the ECM systems has increased as more employees gain access to these repositories.Read More

Protect Documents Outside Your Four Walls

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In a recent Computerworld article suggesting that IT update its information security programRobert Whiteley points out that with the widespread adoption of cloud computing, organizations don’t own their data anymore.  Users are uploading documents into GoogleDocs, Facebook, Slideshare and a hundred other repositories outside of IT’s control.  This shift in ownership will continue as employees embrace new SaaS and Web 2.0 technologies.  It’s important to secure your documents, since they are the most likely source of information leaks.  The recent problems that Twitter had when someone stole confidential documents is an example of what can happen.Read More

Indecent exposure

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Indecent exposureWhile visiting with a client last week they were discussing an upcoming company cruise that will be taking place this October.  The event includes over 500 employees and their spouses.  The company sent an Excel spreadsheet to each employee that requires information such as Passport number, Social Security Number and credit card information.

After completing the form one of the employees mistakenly hit reply all and his information was instantly sent to over 500 people, most of whom he does not know.  Without a way to revoke the rights to the file his personal information was exposed.

Another client’s Human Resources department had a new administrator access an Excel spreadsheet from the department’s network directory.  The visible cells showed the employees’ names and phone extensions.  Thinking this would be helpful information for company employees the administrator emailed the file to all employees. Little did he know that the hidden cells contained salary, stock option and other confidential information.  Not sure what happed to the administrator but needless to say the company had significant issues to deal with.Read More

SaaS makes you more competitive too

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recent post by Peter Cohen of Practical Advice on SaaS Marketing talked about building a comprehensive case forSaaS.  If you just focus on price, someone will always undercut you.  In a post I wrote a few months ago, I talked about SaaS being more than cost cutting.  In this difficult economy, everyone is looking to save money and people will pull the price card as the first reaction.  Read More

First family safety compromised

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This morning I read an article about sensitive documents leaked from various government sources through peer to peer (P2P) networks.  In this circumstance the culprit was LimeWire, but it could have been any of them.  Details on a safe house for the first family in the event of a national emergency was just the latest in a string of leaks. Previously the routes of the President’s limo were leaked.  In January sensitive details about the President’s helicopter were leaked through a P2P network. 
This prompted Representative Edolphus Towns (D-NY) to call for a ban of P2P software on all government and contractor computers.  Others are calling for investigations of the makers of P2P software as enabling illegal activity and unfair trading practices.Read More

Applying the Long Tail to SaaS

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I recently read Chris Anderson’s book The Long Tail.  For those who have not read it, the long tail is a mathematics term that helps describe how a business can maximize their sales by catering to niches rather than focusing only on hits, or popular items.  By selling smaller amounts of more items, you generate larger sales because you can meet more people’s needs.  Doing business on the Internet makes this easy because it lets you lower inventory and distribution costs, allows 24/7 shopping, provides a very large inventory and enables differential pricing; all items Chris discusses in his book that are key for the long tail.  Companies like Amazon and NetFlix embody this principal by offering millions of items online rather than the thousands available in their brick and mortar competitors.  Since product information is just an entry in a database, customers can tag and sort items as they see fit and find exactly what they want.  It’s easy to slice and dice an inventory into limitless categories and present that to customers in a way that makes sense to them.  This helps make sense of the limitless quantity and fuels the sale of niche items.Read More

Hospital establishes electronic medical records protection system

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The healthcare industry will undergo significant changes in the coming months and years ahead. The transition to Electronic Medical Records offers tremendous cost efficiencies, reduction in serious errors and protection of confidential data. Despite all of the advantages over paper based systems, EMR applications still have several areas where sensitive data can be exposed to unauthorized sources.Read More