Let’s Just Call It A Service

The world of ____ (fill in the blank) as a Service is exploding. Especially the acronyms.  Here are just a few:

And how about Software + Services?  Last week I had a plumber come to my house to replace a corroded valve in my basement.  I could say I bought Plumbing as a Service (another PaaS).  When I pay my electric bill, I buy Electricity as a Service.  And when I pay my cable and internet bill, maybe I am buying Fun as a Service.  
You can probably tell that all these XXX as a Service acronyms are driving me nuts.  When I pay for my time and billing system, I pay a monthly fee for my time and billing system.  I don’t care that it’s SaaS (it is).  I just care that it’s easy to use, I can access it from a browser or mobile device and it does what I need it to do.  Just like my cable service and my electricity.  You can call it what you like, but it’s just a valuable service to me.  Rather than confusing the marketplace, we need to talk about the value of what we offer and cut out the marketing hype (Hype as a Service?).
So will we get away from all the acronyms and just call these things services?  I am sure we will eventually, but it can’t come soon enough for me.
photo credit dok1

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