How did you get my 3-year strategic plan?

Earlier this week I was catching up on my email when I came across something that surprised me.  I opened an email from a former colleague and attached to it was a spreadsheet titled 3 Year Strategic Plan.  Well you can imagine my surprise.  My first reaction was this must be a mistake.  Since I know the person, I called and asked him if he meant to send this to me.  He was shocked and almost panicked.  He explained that he sent this to a number of internal people and I should never have gotten it.  He concluded that I was in his address book and when he typed R, my name came up.  He had a long list of recipients and didn’t look carefully at who was on the To: line.
He asked me to please delete it and not forward it to anyone.  I did because I didn’t want him to get into trouble and it wasn’t appropriate for me to keep this or read it.  He was lucky that I got this and not a competitor.
Could this happen to you?

Photo Roger Coathup

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