Do You Feel Safe With Your Passwords Stored In The Cloud?

Feel Safe Storing Your Files in the Cloud Many of us have the hardest time remembering all the passwords we have for the different kinds of accounts we have: bank accounts, credit card accounts, email accounts, etc. So, to cope with this problem, many of us create one or more Word documents containing the different passwords we have. This way, all we have to do is open a document to see what we had set our password as and not have to spend 5-10 minutes thinking of what the password could possibly be. And considering all the time we spend out of home, we store our password documents in cloud storages like Google Drive and Dropbox so that we can easily access the documents through our mobile devices whenever we’re out.

But considering that cloud storages are managed by other people, is our confidential information really safe being stored there as it is? With inadequate security, someone can easily access our password documents and access all the accounts we have and do who knows what to our finances and personal information in just a few minutes. Also, with the increasing possibilities of security breacheson the cloud, storing passwords in the cloud safely is a must. Learn more about mobile security here.

The best solution to ensure the security of your files in the cloud is to encrypt them. Applying file based security will make sure that your sensitive files can’t be accessed by any unauthorized sources. In particular, persistent file security is what you need because it will ensure the continuous protection of your file even when the file is opened, in use, etc.
With security breaches occurring even more frequently than ever, it’s important that you start protecting your files now, if you haven’t started already.

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