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Wrapsody - Intelligent Digital Document Platform

Last updated

May 04, 2016

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Every company faces constant challenges with managing the information that its employees generate. The ubiquity of devices and increasing availability of low cost storage encourage people to generate unprecedented numbers of copies of the files they create - many of which they don't even realize they are creating.

To manage all this information, several tools exist: email, content management systems, file servers, cloud storage, enterprise messaging, social networks and many others. All of these can be valuable but they have limitations. Multiple versions of files proliferate throughout an organization, often without means of tracking them. Email messages are sent with file attachments that are not tracked and sometimes not properly saved on employees' devices. Multiple people will revise documents in parallel, leading to conflicts and lost changes. This makes it difficult to monitor how documents and document templates are used over time.

Wrapsody improves productivity with document sharing and collaboration through a digital document ID technology

Fasoo has introduced Wrapsody to address these issues. Wrapsody is based on a file-centric approach: it links files with metadata to enable automated content synchronization and version control management beyond repositories that employees may use inconsistently.

As a platform, Wrapsody can expand its core functions flexibly into existing server systems such as ECM, Groupware, and ERP, in addition to PCs and mobile devices.

The Wrapsody platform encourages document usage by users and allows managers to intelligently administer document related work through usage logs and analysis of the document content.

"We had trouble locating documents and had to search for the latest versions on different PCs, in email, cloud storage or on flash drives.

After using Wrapsody, we could work on the latest customer response documents easily regardless of file location. We got instant feedback from colleagues helping us develop an ideal response.”

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