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Sparrow QCE - Accurate and Efficient Quality Control for Software Development

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Feb 03, 2016

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SPARROW QCE uses a semantic based static program analysis tool to detect quality flaws in your software’s source code

SPARROW QCE is necessary for software developers and quality assurance teams who want to reduce the cost of software errors. Detection of bugs in your source code that can produce critical quality defects must be analyzed and corrected before software development is completed.

SPARROW QCE detects fatal quality defects during development with fewer false alarms. The process is less costly, more time efficient and a more rigorous analysis that provides you with quality and error free software. SPARROW QCE automatically analyzes your code and offers you a deep and accurate source code analysis at the early stages of program development without creating a separate test environment.

SPARROW QCE can be used in various industries including government, financial services and any organization that builds embedded software to eliminate errors during development. SPARROW QCE is recognized by customers as a high quality tool for creating error free software.

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