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FSD for SharePont - for Extend and Reinforce Security to Share and Collaborate with Microsoft SharePoint Documents

Last updated

Feb 18, 2015

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Many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to increase efficiency, improve control of information and reduce overall cost of information management. However, files are considered secure while they remain within SharePoint libraries, but these files can be legitimately downloaded to desktops, laptops and even mobile devices by authorized users, where they can be easily copied and forwarded somewhere else because it no longer retains any security controls. The documents can also now be read, saved and printed by any user without restrictions, thus the risk of data loss increases dramatically.

To avoid such issues, files should be persistently protected and continuously encrypted, whether in transit or in use throughout their entire lifecycle.

Fasoo Secure Document (FSD) for Microsoft SharePoint persistently protects your files downloaded from your ECM

To persistently protect the files downloaded from SharePoint, organizations need to extend the SharePoint permission levels to include the documents downloaded. In addition, access to the downloaded documents need to be dynamically enforced to reflect any changes in SharePoint permission levels for ensuring continuous and consistent security.

ECM allows organizations to share information and collaborate easily with colleagues, business partners and customers. ECM alone cannot provide persistent protection throughout the document lifecycle, since there is no way to track user and file activities of documents after they are downloaded. Fasoo Secure Document or FSD ensures files remain secure no matter where they go after users download them from the ECM system. FSD for Microsoft SharePoint gives enterprise complete control of how their content is being used once it leaves their direct control.

The integration of Microsoft SharePoint with Fasoo will extend Microsoft SharePoint security to content regardless of its location and provide enhanced access control for authorized user both inside and outside of the organization. Fasoo encrypts files downloaded from ECM repositories based on the users’ ECM permission levels, or other metadata associated with them. The protected files maintain the security policy of the ECM system wherever they travel, and limit access privileges depending on users’ ECM permission levels including View, Edit, Print and Screen Capture. All file activities are logged so an administrator has a full audit trail of the user, time and data of access and even the device they accessed the file.

FSD for Microsoft SharePoint is seamless and will provide the security you need when files containing sensitive information are downloaded from Microsoft SharePoint systems.


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