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FSD for IBM ECM - Extend and Reinforce Security to Share and Collaborate with IBM ECM Documents

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Feb 03, 2016

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Organizations use IBM ECM to increase efficiency, improve control of information and reduce overall cost of information management. However, files are considered secure while they remain within a controlled boundary, but they cannot be controlled any more once they are legitimately downloaded to PCs. The downloaded documents can also be forwarded to unauthorized users, and thus can be read, saved and printed without restrictions.

To avoid such issues, files should be persistently protected and continuously encrypted, whether in transit or in use throughout their entire lifecycle.

Fasoo Secure Document for IBM ECM persistently protects your files downloaded from your ECM
To persistently protect the files downloaded from IBM ECM, organizations need to extend the security of the repository to include files downloaded to end point devices. In addition, access to the downloaded files need to be dynamically enforced to reflect any changes on the repository ACL for ensuring continuous and consistent security.

The integration of IBM ECM with Fasoo will extend IBM ECM security to content regardless of its location and provide enhanced access control for authorized users both inside and outside of the organization. Fasoo encrypts files downloaded from ECM repositories based on the users’ ECM permissions, or other metadata associated with them. The protected files maintain the security policy of the ECM system wherever they travel, and limit access privileges depending on users’ ECM permissions including View, Edit, Print and Screen Capture. All file activities are logged so an administrator has a full audit trail of the user, time and dataof access and even the device they accessed the file on.

FSD for IBM ECM is seamless and will provide the security you need when files containing sensitive information are downloaded from IBM ECM systems.

"With increase in government regulations requiring that all customer documents and anything related to monetary transactions is controlled and audited, we needed to make sure that our files from our IBM ECM system were protected at all times. With these files containing very sensitive information such as personally identifiable information, it was paramount for us that we do everything in our power to prevent exposing this information. By integrating Fasoo Secure Document for IBM ECM, we didn’t have to worry about data breaches while sharing these files or not meeting government regulations.

[Bank IT Security Manager]


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