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Mobile Applications to View and/or Edit Secure Data

Last updated

Feb 04, 2016

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An overview on Fasoo View and Fasoo View Plus.

Fasoo View and Fasoo View Plus are both Fasoo proprietary mobile applications for you to access Fasoo DRM files on your mobile device.

They support Android and iOS environments and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Fasoo View allows you to download Fasoo DRM files and view them securely, while providing a viewer to view any other type of file. Fasoo View Plus allows you to safely and securely view and edit those documents on your mobile device as if you were on your PC.

Fasoo View and Fasoo View Plus can only be used by users who already have Fasoo Mobile Gateway integrated with their Fasoo DRM solutions for files. Fasoo Mobile Gateway extends work flow on to the mobile environment to allow people to communicate and collaborate through smartphones and tablets.

Download here or on your mobile device

Fasoo View

iOS App
Android App
Fasoo View Plus

iOS App
Android App


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