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Fasoo Secure Screen (FSS) - Prevent and Deter Security Breaches Through Your Screen

Last updated

Feb 20, 2016

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Screen capture tools and the proliferation of high-quality digital cameras and smartphones make it easy for anyone to capture sensitive information displayed on a computer screen. With nothing preventing it, the likelihood of a major data breach from capturing this information on the screen is increasing. Some companies limit the possession of these devices or use different items to ensure that the camera lens are blocked, but it makes life inconvenient for employees.

Fasoo Secure Screen protects sensitive information displayed on your screen

To protect sensitive information displayed on screens being grabbed by screen capturing tools, hot keys and/or remote desktop/virtual desktop infrastructure applications, application-specific or document-specific screen capture control must be enforced.

Fasoo Secure Screen blocks efforts to capture what is on the screen and provides specific information through a watermark that shows the screen’s location. Both of these security measures help to secure your screen from unwanted exposure to competitors and other unauthorized people.

Our hospital manages patients’ medical image records through EMR and PACS systems. They make it convenient for our doctors and nurses to treat patients, however the threat for exposure of MRI and x-ray images is a major concern for us because our employees can screen capture those images, or take photos of the screen with digital cameras or smartphones.

After applying Fasoo’s secure screen solution to the hospital’s medical management system, restrictions on illegally exposing copies and distributing medical information can be deterred and prevented. With improvements to security of this new system, our employees have become more effective at their jobs.

[General Hospital B, Medical Data Processing Manager]


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