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Fasoo Mobile Gateway - Extend File Based Security from Your PC to Your Mobile Device

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Feb 04, 2016

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As enterprise mobility boosts the work efficiency by enabling "anywhere access" to business data, many organizations are allowing employees to access internal data on their corporate mobile devices.

In a survey of nearly 2,100 IT employees in 2013, 93 percent use personal mobile devices for work. Mobile devices are becoming the tool of choice for many businesses as they offer a simpler user experience and easy access to information. Many organizations today are establishing BYOD programs that embrace employee-owned devices. Setting policies that separate business information from personal information is key to the security of sensitive files viewed on mobile devices.

Not only are the risk of data leaks increasing since sensitive business information exists on lost mobile devices, but also because legitimate, unsupported apps, may unintentionally cause security risks for the company.

Fasoo Mobile Gateway prevents data breaches while working on your mobile devices

Fasoo Mobile Gateway extends secure file access to allow people to communicate and collaborate through smartphones and tablets. It provides businesses with the ability to persistently secure, control, and trace sensitive files on mobile devices. The information remains secure even if the device is lost or stolen.

In conjunction with the Fasoo View and Fasoo View Plus apps, your information is securely extended from Fasoo DRM solutions on your PC to your mobile device.

"Our company uses Fasoo’s PC and information system security solutions to prevent exposure of files with sensitive information to competitors. At the end of last year we were concerned with how to use these files safely and conveniently on mobile devices.

After adding Fasoo’s mobile server to our existing DRM server, we could use those files securely and efficiently on our smartphones and tablets.

[Financial Securities Company C, Security Management Team Leader]


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