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DigitalQuick - An Efficient Collaboration Service

Last updated

Feb 18, 2015

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Do you have difficulty maintaining the version history of documents that you working with others? If so, you need to use DigitalQuick which is an efficient collaborative service that enables co-editing and version management through sharing documents. All version of the document created through DigitalQuick are stored in the cloud and supported by the version control system. All edits applied to the document are managed by the version control system, therefore you can always work with the latest version of the document.

With DigitalQuick keep your documents up-to-date and mange updated history.

When using DigitalQuick, you can pinpoint the people you want to share the documents with, so you can safely collaborate with them without worrying about security.

As you collaborate on the documents with other people at the same time, you will be able to track all the changes that are made. In such a case, you can check the comments of the document which is generated after the document is modified.

Do you need to continuously update and deliver (or distribute) a document you have created? That is not the case with DigitalQuick. DigitalQuick documents always come with a link that allows those that are allowed to access it download the latest version of the document.

Hence, even if your colleagues or friends are not DigitalQuick users, they can follow the provided link to download the latest version of the document.

Are you worried that your important documents are being leaked? A document created through DigitalQuick is automatically encrypted and can be accessed only by authorized users in the group. Therefore, just by creating a DigitalQuick document, you can prevent it from being leaked.

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