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Sparrow on Cloud - Application Security Testing Cloud Service

Last updated

Jan 10, 2017

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SPARROW on Cloud is a static code analysis application that detects critical software vulnerabilities at the early stages of software development. This service is an agile, flexible, reliable and cost effective solutions that allowing organizations to easily manage application security challenges.

Unlike other SAST solutions, SPARROW on Cloud analyzes source code with a robust static analysis engine that uses a deep semantic method to find vulnerabilities that other SAST applications may have difficulty identifying. The solution is designed to enforce multiple policies dynamically to different projects or users/groups, and offers faster analysis speed (1M LOC per hour) with accuracy (OWASP benchmark score: 94.8). In addition, SPARROW on Cloud enables organizations to identify and fix issues by leveraging machine learning and automation features like:
  • Intelligent Issue Clustering: SPARROW on Cloud categorizes similar issues in groups that will allow organizations to identify and correct issues efficiently.
  • Active Suggestion: SPARROW on Cloud is not only identifying software vulnerabilities, but also has the ability to remediate code using automated code suggestions.
  • Issue Classification: SPARROW on Cloud analyzes, ranks, and prioritizes high priority issues in an easy to read dashboard display.
  • Advanced Issue Filtering: SPARROW on Cloud provides detailed filter options for the detected issues (e.g., source API, sink API, called method, etc.).

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