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About Fasoo, Digital Intelligence for Security and Productivity

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Mar 01, 2016

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At Fasoo, our main goal is to provide you with more robust and scalable data and application security, as well as mobile security to liberate people and businesses from various risks and constraints in their digital life and business.

Fasoo plans to deliver exceptional value through our software to our customers and gain credit by developing software of true value that is recognized all around the world. As a leader within the Digital Rights Management industry, we continue to challenge ourselves and expand into new business areas to provide you with high quality software. Fasoo has developed competitive products and DRM solutions to succeed in the constantly changing IT environment and promises to meet the challenges to provide you with the software you need to secure your data and tackle security threats and unwanted limitations in this environment.

Our Vision

Our vision provides us with the framework to guide every aspect of our business. By 2020, Fasoo aims to be a global top 100 software company, produce four global software products along with two global number one products, have Fasoo Enterprise DRM be part of every business application and have our source code analysis tool, SPARROW on every developer’s desktop. These are just some of the visions we aim to accomplish in order to achieve sustainable, quality growth.


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