Fasoo Monthly Newsletter – September 2015

Fasoo Monthly Newsletter - September 2015
Fasoo delivers data-centric security overview to PwC
Fasoo Announcement

Ron Arden to Speak at Rochester Security Summit in October
Vice President and CMO of Fasoo, Inc. Ron Arden to speak at this year’s Rochester Security Summit. >> Read More >>
Fasoo to Present at ERM User Group of the ProSTEP iViP Association
Fasoo plans to speak to a group of German automotive executives on September 16th in Germany. >> Read More >>

Market Trend

The Best Way to Protect PHI from Unauthorized Access
The best way to protect yourself against increasing Protected Health Information (PHI) data breaches is to use data-centric security.
Employee Negligence is Leading Cause of Insider Threats
Help people protect themselves from an “oops moment” by protecting your most valuable data with data-centric security.
Data Breach Lawsuits Are on the Rise
With the data breaches and theft of customer data increasing at an alarming rate, lawsuits relating to these breaches have been a hot topic.

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Industry News
Industry News

[IT Business Edge]
5 Components of an Enterprise Print Security Strategy
U.S. Court Affirms FTC Authority to Enforce Data Breach Rules
[Naked Security]
Credit card info for 93,000 Web.com customers nabbed in data breach

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