Fasoo Monthly Newsletter – July 2015

Fasoo Monthly Newsletter - July 2015
Fasoo presents 'Closing the Threat Gap'
Fasoo Announcement

Fasoo Big Hit at Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 2015
Fasoo and Gartner talked extensively about how data-centric security is the best way to protect information from being compromised through cyberattacks. >> Read More >>
Fasoo Celebrates Their 15th Anniversary
Fifteen years ago this day, Fasoo was born. To mark the occasion, we briefly look at the past and look ahead to the future. >> Read More >>

Market Trend

Stolen IP Now Reported in the Sports Section
St. Louis Cardinals accused of hacking the Houston Astros to gain access to intellectual property such as trade, proprietary statistics and player strategy information.
A Proactive Approach to Data Security
Transitioning from a perimeter-centric to a data-centric security model is a necessary step in maturing as an organization.
Trusted Insiders Pose Major Risk to Intellectual Property
A new Insider Threat report shows that privileged users are a major risk to intellectual property.

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New Report: 62% of Cybersecurity Professionals See Insider Threats Growing
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Securing Healthcare information beyond HIPAA
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Data Protection: Five Challenges Facing the Enterprise HR Department
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Fasoo’s “Data Security Framework” – Data-Centric Security with People-Centric Policies


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